Road Data

Traffic Statistics: 2016 vs 2015

Here you will find Cayman’s most recent road statistics, kindly provided to us by RCIPS.

  • 2016 saw traffic offences in Cayman rise by 26%

  • There was a total of 1,185 traffic accidents on Cayman’s roads last year.

  • In 2016 there was a record of 26 DUI involved arrests over the holiday period.

  • Last year, there was a total of 6,463 traffic related incidents in Cayman.

  • Incidents on Cayman’s roads involving drink driving rose by 12% last year.

  • Distraction driving is on the increase. Cell phone usage behind the wheel is up 10% from 2015.

  • There was a total of 178 DUI offences on Cayman’s roads last year.

  • Stay off the smartphone! 2016 saw a total of 745 people caught using their cell phones whilst driving.

  • In 2016, there was a total of 6 fatalities on Cayman’s roads.

  • Fatal accidents in Cayman are down 50% from 2015.

  • Whilst fatalities are down, there was a rise of 7% of total traffic accidents in 2016.

  • Speeding is on the rise in Cayman. There was an increase of 42% in speeding related offences last year.