Slow down! Speeding in Cayman is on the rise.

  • Last year, there were 1,689 speeding offences in Cayman. That’s an increase of 42% in speeding related offences last year.
  • The RCIPS are cracking down on speeding across our islands, but more often than not, it’s speeding which results in accidents, including fatalities.
  • The speed limits in Cayman vary between 25mph-50mph, depending on where you are.
  • Always remember that the speed limit in school zones is 15mph.
  • Even if you are going slow, be mindful of small children when driving through areas close to schools.
  • Remember to work in miles per hour rather than kilometres per hour! Double check your car’s dashboard and ensure to convert to mph.
    • 15mph = 24.1kph
    • 25mph = 40.2kph
    • 30mph = 48.3kph
    • 40mph = 64.4kph
    • 50mph = 80.5kph