Driving Under the Influence

Keep yourself and others alive. Don’t ever drink and drive.

  • Sadly, drink driving is a regular occurrence in the Cayman Islands.
  • Incidents on Cayman’s roads involving DUI (driving under the influence) rose by 12% last year.
  • The drink driving rules are strongly enforced in Cayman. The legal blood-alcohol limit in the Cayman Islands is 0.100%. This means that you must have no more than 100mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood.
  • If you are caught driving any type of vehicle over this legal limit, you’ll end up in court and lose your licence for a minimum of a year.
  • December saw the highest number of DUI incidents last year. There were 26 drink driving arrests over the holiday period.
  • There was a total of 178 DUI offences on Cayman’s roads last year.