How many DUI related incidents occurred in Cayman last year?

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Answer: B. 178 drink driving offences and that’s only the reported incidents. Stay safe, don’t drink and drive.

What is the fine for being caught on a mobile device behind the wheel?

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Answer: C. $150. Checking that text really isn’t worth it.

How much more likely are you to die in a car crash if you’re not wearing a seatbelt?

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Answer: B. Fatalities are 10x more likely for those not wearing seatbelts. Buckle up.

What should you always check before making a maneuver?

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Answer: A. You never know who might be behind you.

Which direction should you be walking on the road?

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Answer: A. Always walk facing oncoming traffic so drivers can see you.

When driving, how much space should you leave between your car and a cyclist?

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Answer: B. Stick to the 3ft rule when you’re passing a cyclist. Allow space.

What percentage of accidents are a result of cell phone use?

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Answer: C. Cell phone use behind the wheel is responsible for a huge 25% of accidents. Stay off the smartphone.

When should you wear a motorcycle helmet?

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Answer: C: Always. Wearing a helmet on a motorcycle decreases your chances of brain injury by a whopping 67%.

Road Master
Congratulations! Keep doing what you're doing and continue to share the road.
Road Riot
We recommend you brush up on your road skills and make sure you think about others on the road next time you're out and about.
Road Pro
You know what you should be doing to respect the road, but keep on sharing!
Road Rookie
You need to brush up on your road sharing skills! Next time you're out and about, take time to think about how best to share the road.

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