Share the road pledge


Sharing is caring, that’s why we have created the Share the Road Pledge.

Last year, there were 6 road deaths and over 6,000 traffic related incidents in Cayman. These are large figures for a small island.

Share the Road is a community campaign lead by the Rotary Clubs of Grand Cayman, with a goal to reduce these numbers by encouraging respect between all Cayman’s road users – whether you’re a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or motorcyclist, it’s up to us all to share the road.

Want to do your part? When you sign up to the Share the Road Pledge, you’ll be taking a step in the right direction to help Cayman become a safer place.

Pledging is quick and easy, so sign up today to show that you care about the lives of those who use our roads.

If you or your company would like to join us as a Pledge Partner, you can make a donation to the Share the Road cause. Your donation will go towards educating road users and spreading the Share the Road message as well as ensuring you and your company are applauded for your kind support. Click here (link to email) to make a donation.


I pledge to spread Caymankind on the road.

I pledge to be a responsible road user.

I pledge to understand and acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of all road users.

I pledge to respect the rights of my fellow road users.

I pledge to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of myself and others.

I pledge to make Cayman’s roads a safer place.

I pledge to share the road.