Tips for parents

As a parent, you should always be being cautious, attentive and safety minded when travelling with children, as this can help ensure both yours and the kids’ safety in and around vehicles, as well as instil good practice.



TIP 1. Always exhibit patience when driving, set an example for your kids to be calm and not rush on the road.

Tip 2. Always park your vehicle at designated parking areas.

Tip 3. Always be alert and anticipate any crossings by school children.

Tip 4. Always teach your children about road safety rules.

Tip 5. Always teach kids to put phones, headphones and devices down when crossing the street. If kids need to use a cell phone, teach them to stop walking and find a safe area to talk or text.

Tip 6. Always use the child lock feature to prevent your kids from opening car doors by themselves.

Tip 8. Always teach the kids to only open the doors only after you say so.

Tip 9. Model and teach good behaviour Kids learn from watching you, so it’s important for parents to model proper behaviour.



Never use mobile phones or other gadgets when driving.

Never leave your kids alone in the car.

Never rush when getting in or out of a vehicle, as it can be hazardous.